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Mike Robinson studied Marketing at Kent State University. It was on the campus of KSU that he began working on his first business venture.

After, and between class, Robinson would spend  many hours crafting music instrumental tracks in Cubase or designing music promotion flyers in Adobe Illustrator.

It is on the 3rd floor of Allyn hall that Ghost City Media was born.

Ghost City Media was the name Mike Robinson went under while helping musicians in Akron, Cleveland and Western PA promote their brand, concert or musical release. Robinson who was a musician himself, performed, promoted and/or produced over 350 events per year for 6 years between the years 2007 and 2013.

After college, Mike Robinson started his professional career in professional sports working in sales, promotions and game night operations for the Youngstown Steelhounds professional hockey organization.

“While with the Youngstown Steelhounds I had a chance to dip my toes in a wide range of activities from sales to promotion to design to production to entertainment and design. I was very fortunate to be offered the opportunities to experience and seriously develop skills in such a fun environment.” – Mike Robinson

The Youngstown Steel hounds operated from 2005-2008 as a part of the CHL.


What begin as an idea in a college dorm, finally had its chance to shine, as Ghost City Media.

After the Youngstown Steel Hounds folded in 2008 I decided to make my part time passion project a full time commitment.

“At Ghost City we focused manly on developing artwork and marketing strategy for artists and other live performers. 

Durning that era a portion of my time was devoted to producing Alt Rock, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Blues music. With my own bands and as a guest guitarist on a few local and nation albums.” – Mike Robinson


In 4 years between 2009 and 2013, Mike Robinson performed, promoted or produced over 2,000 live performance and events.



Robinson’s next opportunity came in the way of a Cleveland area charter school start up. He was asked to direct marketing, branding, business development along with enrollment strategies.

“I saw this as a learning opportunity, a way to take  some of the design systems I had developed with Ghost City and find new applications for them.” -Robinson

The 1st year’s enrollment goals were hit 9 months early. This allowed for an expansion to two new campuses, which Robinson would continue to oversee.

At this point Robinson begin to offer his enrollment lead strategies and branding services as a freelance business consultant.

Within 3 years, Mike Robinson was directing 37 charter school accounts: developing marketing and advertising campaigns, branding and rebranding , web development, SEO, lead generation and sales.

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From 2013 – 2017 Mike Robinson was doing business as Advantage – Point Marketing. Advantage Point would offer strategy based design solutions for brands, much like GCM did, only expanding some of the marketing strategies to include things like SEO, digital advertising and web design.


In 2017, Mike Robinson founded Adept Creative with a mission to develop efficient and scalable design systems that would continue to improve with every iteration, create a workplace culture that reinforced a proper work/life balance, constant skill improvement, and to build a flexible and highly adept team.

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What’s up next?

Adept Creative has expanded its marketing, branding and visual design capabilities. 

In 2019, Robinson started Absolute Sci-Fi.

In 2021 Mike Robinson formed the AI think tank Liquid AI

Absolute Sci Fi